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Flow 3.5

The current incarnation of the Flow is the Flow 3.5.  The major difference between this current design and past offerings is the ultra-light materials it is constructed of.  Instead of 1.9 EPP, the Flow 3.5 is constructed of 1.0 EPS Foam.  EPS foam in combination with 1.7 and 3.0 mil. laminating film makes the Flow extremely light. This brings the AUW well under the threshold of weight required to perform ultrabatics or what I have called "freestyle."

The Flow 3.5 is a full 4-Axis Freestyle slope plane that will challenge the most skilled pilots out there.  With a full throw Mad elevator and full throw Mad rudder, the Flow is capable of performing a wide variety of ultrabatic maneuvers to include Flips, Floops, Flat Spins, Rudder Flips as well as traditional aerobatics.  If you are new to Ultrabatics or Freestyle, the Flow 3.5 serves as an ideal first 4-axis slope plane.    

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Available October 23rd

Click here to see the latest Flow 3.5 Video has posted detailed construction video clips to make building the Flow quick and easy.  In addition, we are always available to answer any questions you might have.

The term "ultrabatics" is coined by Steve Lang of Santa Barbara  You can learn more about ultrabatics at


Introductory Price

Regular $125.00


10-27-15 - All intro kits have been sold.  However, I'm going to keep the price the same for a while.  The bad news is that all orders from this point on will take the standard 10-14 days to process.